Since the implementation of the first mandatory vehicle inspection law in the U.S. in the late 1970's - New York’s “Regulation 79” - vehicle-related crime has represented about half of the $15 billion in reported property crimes in the U.S.

Without the pre-insurance vehicle inspection programs that are currently in force in a number of states, the profits reaped each year by criminals for fraudulent claims would be significantly higher, along with the cost of vehicle insurance for the motoring public.

This section presents important and revealing statistics that will be continuously updated to graphically present the nature, scope and significance of specific problems related to vehicle insurance fraud.


Distribution Map: Property Crime Estimates - 2004

Major Property Crime Losses Estimates - 2004

Distribution of Regional Property Crime Estimates - 2004
Nationwide Motor Vehicle Crime Trends - 2004
Comparison In Trends: Property Crime Estimates - 2004
Comparison In Trends: Motor Vehicle Theft Estimates - 2004
Analysis of Reported Motor Vehicle Theft Estimates - 2004
Property Crime: Motor Vehicle Theft Estimates - 2004
2004 Crime Clock
Vehicle Crime - Ranking by State (2003/2004)