There may be no better way to appreciate the scope and complexity of the vehicle insurance fraud problem and the deterrent provided by photo inspection, a proven deterrent - than to take a number of interesting media journeys including video documentaries and hands-on slide shows that deal with the on-going battle against vehicle insurance fraud. This is an arena in which criminals reap illicit profits each year representing billions of dollars.

Contained in this section are a number of helpful audio-visual modules, along with other informative aids including a comprehensive
glossary of terms related to vehicle insurance fraud.

VHS copies of the video programs and CD-ROM copies of slide presentations can be obtained by using the 'E-MAIL US' feature on the home page, or by clicking here.

Introduction to Video Programs
Key Scenes From Video Programs

Video: “Winning The Battle Against Vehicle Insurance Fraud”;
9 1⁄2 Minutes [Vehicle Pre-Inspection Program Overview].

Video: “Photo Inspection: How it Works”;
6 1⁄2 Minutes [Vehicle Pre-Inspection Program - Technical Aspects]

Video: Television Public Service Announcements [PSA’s]
[Messages: 60 sec., 30 sec., 10 sec.]

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION [Interactive presentation, on CD-ROM, describes problems related to Vehicle Insurance Fraud - shows how “Photo Inspection” deters fraud].

GLOSSARY of Vehicle insurance fraud / crime terms


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Anti-Fraud Bureaus
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Model Bill - Florida, 2006
[Photo Inspection: To amend Section 627.744 Florida Statues]
Model Act for Pre-Insurance Inspection of Motor Vehicles
Proposed by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud


New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island