From its introduction in the late 1970's to the present, Vehicle Pre-Insurance Inspection, often referred to as “Photo Inspection,” has provided an effective deterrent to those attempting to defraud an insurance carrier.

Included in this section are informative materials and visual “tools” to bring the serious problem of vehicle insurance fraud — and the value of effective deterrents such as Photo Inspection — into a sharp focus.

Deterring the serious economic crime of vehicle insurance fraud
Hidden VIN leads to arrest of Times Square Bomber
Effective Database Tools Help Investigators Solve Vehicle-Related Crimes

Photo Inspection: First Line of Defense Against Vehicle Insurance Fraud

Multiple Policy Fraud - A Thing of The Past, or Not?

Historical Overview of Vehicle Pre-Insurance Inspection: How It Began, What It Is, What It Does.
Vehicle Inspection Database System Provides Vital Investigative Capabilities
Photo Inspection Plays Key Role In Averting Vehicle Insurance Fraud
Vehicle Pre-Insurance Photo Inspection Documentation Guide & Samples
Deterrents Provided by Photo Inspection - Chart
Key Facts About Vehicle Pre-Insurance Inspection - Chart
Standardized VIN Worksheet - Diagram
Booklet: “Photo Inspection Shows That a Vehicle Exists... Records it’s Condition.”
Booklet: “Photo Inspection Process Steps: Attachments A, B, C”
Visual Guide To The Vehicle Pre-Insurance Photo Inspection Process