Concerned with the importance of deterring vehicle insurance fraud, this Web Site provides information and insights about Vehicle Pre-Insurance Inspection in general, and active programs in a number of states. Arguably photo inspection is one of the most effective deterrents to vehicle insurance fraud, one of the nation’s most costly property crimes.

Pre-Insurance Photo Inspection

From its introduction in the late 1970's to the present, Vehicle Pre-Insurance Inspection, often referred to as “Photo Inspection,” has provided an effective deterrent to those attempting to defraud an insurance carrier.

Included in this section are informative materials and visual “tools” to bring the serious problem of vehicle insurance fraud — and the value of effective deterrents such as Photo Inspection — into a sharp focus.

Vehicle Crime Data

Since the implementation of the first mandatory vehicle inspection law in the U.S. in the late 1970's — New York’s “Regulation 79” — vehicle-related crime has represented about half of the $15 billion in reported property crimes in the U.S.

Without the pre-insurance vehicle inspection programs that are currently in force in a number of states, the profits reaped each year by criminals for fraudulent claims would be significantly higher, along with the cost of vehicle insurance for the motoring public.

This section presents important and revealing statistics that will be continuously updated to graphically present the nature, scope and significance of specific problems related to vehicle insurance fraud.

Media Tools & Resources

There may be no better way to appreciate the scope and complexity of the vehicle insurance fraud problem and the deterrent provided by photo inspection, a proven deterrent – than to take a number of interesting media journeys including video documentaries and hands-on slide shows that deal with the on-going battle against vehicle insurance fraud. This is an arena in which criminals reap illicit profits each year representing billions of dollars.

Contained in this section are a number of helpful audio-visual modules, along with other informative aids including a comprehensive glossary of terms related to vehicle insurance fraud.

Publications & Press Info

Included in this section are materials related to relevant “media” press releases and publications that provide the user with useful information about vehicle-related insurance fraud.


Established in late 1977, CARCO Group Inc., has led the way in developing effective, innovative and reliable vehicle pre-insurance inspection technologies and powerful database capabilities. CARCO’s technology resources and huge inspection database have been designed to meet the needs of the insurance industry and to provide law enforcement agencies and insurance industry Special Investigative Units with unique tracking and investigative tools.

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