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Photo Inspection Process Steps

An inspector indicates the make, model and year of the vehicle on an inspection form, along with information about its condition, accessories and type and make of the anti-theft device.

Three photos are taken to show all sides of the vehicle, including a close-up of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Label [EPA Label] located on the door post, which also shows the Vehicle Identification Number [VIN].

The VIN, shown on the EPA in a Red circle, provides important information about the

The 17-digit VIN contains vital information about the vehicle, including when and where it was made. It is equivalent to the vehicle’s “birth certificate.”

When the report and photos are received at CARCO, the information is reviewed, then entered into a powerful computer database. As part of the data entry process, trained operators make important observations from the report, such as noting items that may need additional review, which will be highlighted as “Alerts.”

Report information is then transmitted to the insurance carrier for their policy records and compliance needs.

Once in CARCO’s vehicle inspection database, information is available for near-instant access by insurance carriers and law enforcement agencies via the Internet. An authorized user can access the inspection report and the photos taken of the vehicle on a 24/7 basis. A wealth of information is available for each inspected vehicle, including data that could be used to investigate claims, or for law enforcement inquiries.


A key piece of information, the date of inspection, is shown at the upper left.

Shown on this screen is the inspection report number, location of the inspection site, and an indication that only two photos have been received rather than the three images required.

This screen shows that the VIN passed the computer “Edit” and that the vehicle had pre-existing damage.

The odometer reading is noted as being out of established parameters.

A “BAD VIN” comment could relate to a counterfeit VIN.