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Photo Inspection provides effective deterrents to a spectrum of potentially costly frauds including: “Phantom” vehicle frauds, Salvage schemes, Pre-existing damage claims, Duplicate car & title frauds, “Paper” cars & counterfeit title frauds, and more.

Physical inspection laws have proven to be one of the most effective ways to deter fraudulent property-damage and theft claims.

The purpose of vehicle inspection is to document the existence and condition of the vehicle, including accessories, to deter fraudulent claims.

The insurance pay-out for vehicle-related crimes, including real theft and fraud, represents more than all other property crimes combined.

More than half of the $15 billion in property-related crimes committed each year are involve motor vehicles.

The first vehicle pre-insurance inspection program in the U.S. was passed in New York, in 1977. Often called the Photo Inspection Law, it required physical inspection of vehicles, plus photographic evidence.

Insurance companies ultimately pass the cost of fraudulent claims along to policy-owners in the form of increased premium rates.

Reducing the number of vehicle-related fraudulent claims helps stabilize insurance rates.

The large network of inspection facilities makes it easy for policy-holders to locate a convenient location.