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Photo Inspection shows that a vehicle exists... records its condition.
Internet Provides Access to Information 24/7

During the inspection an inspector indicates the make, model and year the vehicle was manufactured, copies the odometer reading, checks for accessories and optional equipment and notes the vehicle’s condition and the type and brand of anti-theft device. Also entered on the form is the Vehicle Identification number, or VIN, which can be seen through the windshield.

A photograph is taken of the vehicle, using a digital camera or Polaroid instant camera, to show the front and driver’s side, and the rear and passenger side. In this way all four sides of the vehicle are recorded. .

A photograph is taken of the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Label [EPA Label], located on the driver’s side door jamb.

The EPA Label photo, which includes the VIN, is extremely important.

The 17-digit VIN provides valuable information about every important aspect of the vehicle’s origin.

When the completed inspection report is received at CARCO’s inspection center, information is reviewed, hard copy images, such as Polaroid photos and the inspection report form, are scanned and entered into the system.

Trained data entry operators enter the information contained on the report, and make observations regarding data that appears to be incorrect, or out of the system’s parameters and to be tagged with an “Alert Code.”

Inspection information contained in CARCO’s database can be accessed by those authorized, such as insurance carriers and law enforcement via the Internet, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.